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You know how so many couples struggle to make their wedding different from all the other ones their guests have gone to? When it comes to selecting music, it can get overwhelming. Many haven’t even considered how live music can set your wedding apart.


For instance, you can surprise your guests with the unique combination of cello paired with classical guitar or mandolin for your ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner. One person said our music “felt like therapy they didn’t know they needed.”


We customize each song list to make your wedding special, as when we played “Fur Elise” for a bride’s walk down the aisle. She’d learned the song from her father, who had passed away. Playing the piece put him there in spirit, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Or when we accompanied the bride's little sister as she sang "Can't Help Falling in Love" during the ceremony. Warm feels spread through the guests.

Or the many times the father of the bride teared up at the first notes for the walk down the aisle. She gripped his arm a little tighter and got a little teary herself.


After we play for you, you and your guests will long remember how live, organic, elegant music made your wedding a joy. Warm fuzzies and moist eyes are guaranteed.



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