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Why you need live music

One of the comments we often hear at a bridal show or open house is: “Oh, no thanks, our DJ is taking care of the ceremony music.” We understand. Having the DJ set up a second speaker can save a little money. Recorded music is all around us: in our homes, cars and phones. It’s second nature. You have to go out of your way to listen to live music. Yet live music is a better fit for the ceremony, and at least equal for the cocktail hour. The funny thing is, many DJs agree, especially about ceremony music. This isn’t surprising. Good DJ’s know music. They understand how to set a mood, how to blend songs flawlessly into a narrative. They understand the power of melody and rhythm. A wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion, the pledging of two souls to honor and cherish each other. Brides put on a beautiful dress they’ll wear only once. Grooms wear tuxes. Friends and family celebrating with you wear their finest dress clothes.

You could decorate the ceremony space with plastic or silk flowers, but you don’t. The bride walks down the aisle over real rose petals, and real flowers adorn the end of each row. The eye and the nose know the difference. Live music is like live flowers. The wood and strings are visceral, appealing to the eye. The ear welcomes live music the same way the nose appreciates live flowers. Live music is organic, free of compressors and limiters and the other recording tools that create an unrealistic perfection.

The music is alive. It exists in the moment as the players interact, responding to each other and to your ceremony as it unfolds. A recorded song never varies. But live music performed at your ceremony will never be played exactly the same again. It is uniquely yours.

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