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You'll never hear this again

While net surfing recently, we came across a blog that offered five reasons live music is better than a CD. We particularly like No. 4:

The music is gone as soon as it is over. A lot of effort goes into making music, but when it’s over, it’s over. It can never be repeated in the same way ever again! I have spent this year talking about how much effort goes into making music—how much preparation and how much effort it takes to play music. The musician gives their time, their energy, their feelings, their thoughts… The musician gives everything he or she can. And it all for the people listening to it! Once it’s over, it can never be heard again.

When a writer writes a book, this book can always be read. When a painter paints a picture, this picture can always be seen. But when a musician plays music that is not recorded, this music can never be heard again. When you hear live music, you are hearing something just for you!

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