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6 reasons live music is right for your wedding

It's an amazing statistic: Only 15% of weddings include live music. But it's also a statistic that can help you make your wedding stand out from all the rest. Here are our 6 reasons to include live music: 1. Live music is organic. A recorded song sounds no different at your wedding than it does in your car -- or at a lot of other weddings. Live music is like a sunset, never exactly the same. Musicians are human, so subtle differences arise every time we play. This living, breathing music becomes unique to you and your wedding. 2. Live music is affordable. Most DJ's charge extra to set up speakers for your ceremony or cocktail hour, where they'll play mass produced recordings. Live musicians bring unique stylings, elegance and sophistication, giving you more value for your money. 3. If you liked Bridgerton, you’ll love what we do. Remember the first time your ears perked up and you asked yourself, “Is that what I think it is?” A song you’ve heard a hundred times becomes fresh when played instrumentally. Added bonus: you can combine genres without jarring the ears. 4. Live music will impress your guests. Brides have told us of friends gushing: “Live music! You guys are really uptown!” 5. Live musicians adjust with the unexpected. At one wedding, a flower girl tripped, spilling her rose petals. She wouldn’t budge until she put each petal back in her basket, one at a time. We didn't miss a beat as we continued playing the bridal party's entrance music, seamlessly adding repeats. 6. Live music will make your parents happy. The wedding is about you. But it doesn’t hurt to include elements that bring a smile to your parents’ faces. What song can we play to make your wedding uniquely yours?

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