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Make the ceremony your own

Our guiding philosophy says that every wedding should be personalized. That’s why we customize the music we play and offer to learn new songs. We’re always delighted to see the other ways couples make a ceremony their own.

One recent wedding united a bride from a Spanish-speaking family with a groom from an English-speaking one. The officiant conducted the ceremony in both languages, alternating between the two.

There was more. The wedding included a lasso ceremony, in which the couple concretely demonstrate their new bonds. That comes from Latino tradition. They lit a unity candle while we played Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” That’s

Anglo. And then, of course, there was the ring ceremony that transcends all cultures.

In the third row of seats they placed a frame with pictures of relatives who had passed on, symbolically including these loved ones in their ceremony.

All around, it was a lovely, unique wedding. We were honored to be part of it.

What will you do to personalize your ceremony?

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