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Are you sure you want that song?

Our friends at SoSco Duo recently posted a link to a funny YouTube video, "20 Most Inappropriate Songs To Play at a Wedding." We got a good laugh from it. The folks who compiled the video, though, took the easy way out. They featured songs no thinking person would consider for a wedding: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, I Hate You, Gold Digger and Suspicious Minds, among them. Any couple that would ask for them should probably return to their marriage prep classes. And any DJ who would play them belongs in another line of work. But other songs that aren’t so clearly inappropriate are worth a second thought before using them in a wedding. Adele is incredibly popular right now. Powerful singer. Great music, well recorded. But every one of her hits is a breaking-up song. You have to dig deep into her albums to find an I-love-you song. "Hello from the other side"? We hope you're both on the same side. Or consider the Bruno Mars song “Marry You.” Catchy tune, bouncy rhythm, those church bells throughout and a chorus that repeats the line “I think I want to marry you.” Perfect for a wedding, right? Listen to the lyrics: “We’re looking for something dumb to do…” Or the third verse: “If we wake up and you wanna break up that's cool.” One of the advantages of instrumental music is there are no lyrics. You, your friends and family can slip into the mood of a song or hear, in your mind, a hook like “I want to marry you.” Playing instrumentally glosses over distracting or not wholly appropriate lyrics. Still, it’s always a good idea to think about the full song and what it communicates.

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