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Wedding arch at Starfire Golf Club

The flower girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old, was precious in her white dress and red shoes. She smiled nervously as she approached the ceremony area and stepped onto the runner. Two steps, three steps, four steps and then she tripped, spilling her basket of rose petals. The nearest grownups tried to help her up, but she refused to stand while petals were strewn about. On her knees, she picked up one petal, then another, and another, putting them back in the basket. “What should I do?” the girl’s panicked mother asked the venue coordinator. The reply was brilliant. “Nothing.” It was a moment to savor, a memory that family will always have of a young flower girl so dedicated to her task. The unexpected happens. At another wedding, the power went out in a large area around the venue. The bride had to dress in a dark room, and the groom and the couple’s guests were caught in snarled traffic as busy intersections became four-way stops. The outdoor wedding started half an hour late. And then a strong gust of wind knocked over the wedding arch, breaking a goblet to be used in the wine ceremony. Disaster? No. Two guests lifted the arch back into place and held it in place. The venue coordinator brought out another goblet. The ceremony went on, the couple exchanged their vows, rings slid onto fingers. Afterwards, we saw nothing but smiles. Memories were made. And a marriage began. Long may they love.

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